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Ask the Experts: Kathleen Sexton, Founder, Kairos Learning

WebinarHero recently spoke with Kathleen Sexton, founder and CEO of Kairos Learning, a Northern California based consulting firm that provides Training, Organizational Development and Career Development services.

WH:  It’s good to talk with you again Kathleen, thanks for making the time to visit with us.  Please tell us the background on Kairos and why you founded the firm.

KS:  I launched Kairos Learning in December of 2008 because I wanted to deliver webinar solutions to organizations (professional development webinar courses, train-the-trainer courses, hosting services for webinars and conferences, webinar instructional design) because it was a new and growing field.  Now there are SO many folks delivering webinar services.  It’s great to see the field is expanding.

Kairos is a Greek term signifying a time in between, a moment of undetermined period of time in which something special happens. What the special something is depends on who is using the word.  Kairos Learning’s aim is to provide “kairos moments” of learning to people.

WH:  Your firm uses the term “synchronous” training quite a bit.  Share with us what you mean by “synchronous” and how it helps differentiate your services.

KS:  Synchronous training typically means live, online training or a webinar.  I like the term synchronous because it differentiates the type of courses we deliver from infomercial webinars or marketing webinars.  Kairos Learning delivers training taught in a virtual, or synchronous, classroom.

WH:  Are there any web conference platform features that you view as being critical to the delivery of a successful synchronous training?

KS:  To achieve the level of interactivity for participant learning and engagement that I want in my training webinars, I need to have not only chat and polling features but also whiteboard annotation capabilities, web browsing, break out rooms, telephony via telephone, file transfer, feedback icons, and recording features.

WH:  Can you share with us who your typical client is from an industry or demographic perspective?

KS:  Typical clients seem to fall into 3 categories:  1) individual trainers who want to develop their webinar design and facilitation skills, and 2) organizations that are considering creating a webinar program to deliver services and need consulting on how to set one up, and 3) organizations that want to train their trainers on how to design and/or deliver webinars as a new delivery method for their training courses.

WH:  What are the typical challenges your clients are facing prior to working with Kairos and how does a typical engagement work?

KS:  A common client challenge is understanding how to translate in-person classroom training into an effective course in a virtual, live, online environment.  It’s not as easy as putting up PowerPoint slides in a webinar platform and talking to your audience.  But there isn’t a typically work engagement for Kairos Learning – each client’s training program (content, target audience, trainers) is different, so our solutions are customized for each client.

WH:  What do you view are the top 3 most important factors to consider when using webinars to perform corporate training, organizational or career development?


  1. Does the organization support training by webinar?   For example,
    1. Do they have the technology and tech support?
    2. Are their employees able to attend webinars without distractions from their work environment?
    3. Will managers consider a webinar as valuable training for their employees?
  2. Has the training been specifically designed for a live, online environment?
  3. Are the facilitators skilled in teaching webinars?
  4. Can I sneak in a 4th factor?  What is the webinar platform and is it the best for delivering training programs?

WH:  We’ve reached the shameless self promotion part of the interview.  What should people absolutely know about the Kairos Learning?

KS:  People should know that Kairos Learning provides webinar solutions that are tailored and customized to meet the needs of each client; we don’t have off-the-shelf solutions.

Our training programs are limited in participant size to provide an opportunity for plenty of hands-on practice and participation.  The courses are designed for participants to really use and apply what they learn in the webinar sessions back to their own work back in their office.

Kairos Learning is offering webinar training courses geared specifically towards helping trainers, educators, presenters, marketing professionals and instructional designers understand the world of webinar training so they can effectively design and facilitate live, online classes.  Classes in “Best Practices in Webinar Training Design”, “Facilitation Skills for the Live, Online, Classroom”, and “Strengthening Your Webinar Skills”  start in early June & July.

WH:  Thanks Kathleen.  More information about Kairos and Kathleen can be found at http://www.kairoslearning.com/webinartrainingcourses.html.

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